960 gridder and jQueryUI

When I coded today I did not understand why jQuery UI elements did not work. I tried everything, and I was sure my code was right. So, finally I began to systematically make the file I was editing as simple as possible to get to the bottom of the error.

Guess what? jQuery UI function worked when I disabled the 960 Gridder I’m using on my current project. Bummer. That was 4 hours of debugging right there. But I learn.

Did I find out exactly what caused the bug? No, I didn’t want to try to do that. And, tho worst thing, I did not have the use of the jQuery UI function after all.

Well, Thats it. If you have the same problem, remember: 960 may be the cause.


4 Responses to 960 gridder and jQueryUI

  1. Stephen says:

    the 960gs is simply css code and it should have no interference with javascript code

    the most likely cause of your problems is because of conflicting class selectors

  2. Actually, I doubt that it’s css conflict – they do not act like that. I had a very few css classes defined – and I even tried with different names on the class. And, I tried with different jQuery UI functions.

    The 960 gs do use javascript, or not the grid system itself, but the addon – the part where you develop and get that bar on the side so that you can change the grid overlay on your site. The systen itself is css, but the gridder( http://gridder.andreehansson.se/ ) is javascript.

    • Stephen says:

      weird, the bookmarklet itself loads jquery 1.3 so it shouldn’t have problems with jquery ui

      well, thanks for the heads up on this bug

      (you may want to change your title to 960 gridder instead of system to avoid confusion)

  3. jquery grid says:

    Why people still use to read news papers when in this technological world the whole thing is accessible
    on web?

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