Storing Images with PHP & Mysql – The right way

I’ve in that stage of my latest project that I have to decide how to store images to the server, and how to use the database the best way to do this. I know that I’ve done this wrong a couple of times, but hopefully I’ve find a good practice of this now. Not quite sure if this is the best way, but this is how I think after looking into the matter:

There are several things I consider to be important:
1. SEO.
The filenames need to be descriptive and searchable.
2. Database
Images should not be stored in the database, but the filename and id should. You need to know what image goes with what movie. It is possible to store images into database, but it makes the database big and I can image working with the images becomes little more complicated. There are advantages to this too, but it is not the way I’m going to do it.
3. Thumbnails
It’s a good practice not to resize in the <img> tag, so a good system for thumbnails must be at hand.
4. URI
Where to put the files is also something you have to consider carefully. Is it best to put everything in one folder? Probably not. What about “movie-id/images/image.jpg” or “images/movie-id/image.jpg”? Much better.

Let’s take an example database with four tables: Movie, ImageType, MovieImage and Image

Important part of movie is that it must have an id and a title.
Must have an id and a type, ex: cover, poster and screenshot
Realtionship between the movie, image and type. Contains the foreign key to image, movie and imagetype, where one of them has to be unique.
The image should have an id to the image so that it can be connected to a movie and made unique. In addition it should contain a filename, that is generated in php from the id, title of movie and type of image.

Cooking it all together:
The filename must be SEO optimized, so the syntax to use should be like: id-type-movie-name.jpg. You could remove the type from the name, but it’s a good way to distinguish between the different image types, making the SEO better too. Movie name should be separated by a hyphen to be most SEO friendly. By storing filename once with id instead of generating it every time and out from id, type and title is good practice because if the title is changed (from “Lord of the rings” to the more accurate “The Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring”) the filename points to the right file – id-type-lord-of-the-rings.jpg. Generating thumbs could then follow a standard of adding a -thumb-width-height or something to the name – or simply create it on the fly with a php method, even thou I think the first option is more correct. When getting all images to a movie you can easily sort by type, and get the filename from database – and then show it on your webpage by creating the correct url, ex: images/movie-id/1923-cover-lord-of-the-rings.jpg.

By thinking like this, the image uploading and storing become much more simplified for me than how I’ve done it before.


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