Send large emails in php

I’ve encountered this problem once a long time ago, and used a lot of time finding a solution back then. Probably because no one really directly issued this problem.

When you send large text in your mail, specially HTML, you have to remember to encode the message right and chunk it. Why? The email standard RFC2822 only accepts line lengths of 998 chars, and if you send longer lines you probably encounter a lot of problems in different email clients. This may be line breaks or spaces after every chunk of 998 chars, that could be in the middle of an HTML tag or link, making the email body a mess.

To avoid this, you have to use base64 encoding on the email body header:

“Content-Transfer-Encoding: base64\r\n”

The second thing you have to do is to encode your content string with base64 and chunk it into chunks before appending to the email.


base64 encoding is something email clients can read and because the sting of HTML is encoded into this format you don’t get the spaces between every chunk of content when the client displays the content.

These two lines is the only thing you probably need to append when you ha long text or large emails with data longer than 998 chars. Today I encountered this problem again, and I knew about the solution so I knew what to google to find the right answer. But I did not find it right away, because there was not any really good, and short, explanation anywhere that said exactly what I needed to do.


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