Ideas of March.

Oh blogging, oh blogging. Thy threshold is low, but the maintenance is big.

I like reading blogs. Especially those that have categories and tags to filter out all the stuff you don’t want to read about. The only thing that bothers me is that you often have to read a lot of blogs to find updated material on the things I care about, especially in the PHP community. Great post should be advertised and marked cool! If only the people who do have some cool code to provide could blog more frequent with a lot of cool code!! Sigh.

It’s a challenge. I know that, having some blogs out there with different kinds of content, updated every now and then. Blogging takes time if you want to do it good. People want an updated blog. Blogs does not bring that big of an income. But still, people keep blogging, I keep blogging, and you keep blogging. Every once and then someone finds your post in a time of need, and the purpose of the post is fulfilled. Do not blog for the masses, blog for the few that can evolve into masses. Blog for yourself. Blog to make a history, if only your own blogging history! That is a best practice!


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