Sticky Note with CSS and JavaScript

December 29, 2010

I wanted to se how easy it was to make one of those yellow sticky notes with CSS and a little bit of bonus javasrcipt. Current version is a bit flawed – but works, is easily modded, and shows the idea.

To see the demo, click here

This can be made more simple by removing some JavaScript functionality. For instance, It’s really an overload to include jQuery and jQueryUI for the small stuff it adds, when it can be done in some simple lines of good old JavaScript – but if you have included the libraries already, then use them. This should work cross browser as well.

– Hidden by default, opens by click
– Different styles to different points
– Lines made in CSS
– Linetrough points by click
– Gap at top and bottom + close button at top
– Draggable

– Toggle on/off by click not implemented
– Some smaller bugs
– No real modifying functionality (like adding/removing/editing)