Starting out real slow

February 14, 2010

Well, since I wanted a tool to share discoveries in programming, I jumped in to this WordPress paltform. Not sure why the lot fell on WP, but it did, and hopefully my new relationship will last. If you read this, don’t worry if this is the only thing you read – because it really is the first post I do, and it may be days until the next. I want to start out slow, and write when I’m inspired to do so. I have blogged for years so I kinda know the drill, and hope that I’m going to manage this new one.

New platform, resulting in a lot of new tweaking possibilities to discover, but I’m not going to do that at first. I used one of the themes I found on the list, and are going to use themes from there, because I don’t have to much freetime to use on fixing an own personal one.