Hopefully I’m going to find great treasures digging into the world of programming, so that I can share it with you. That’s my goal, to have something to give from my experiences. I know there are a lot of blogs and sites that contribute to this- and I use them a lot, but there are stuff I have not found help for because a lot of the sites are sharing pretty basic stuff. What I hope is, is to share a little bit more advanced programming than simply how-to-do-a-loop-right. That is, if I’m up to it. Because, frankly, I don’t fully know if I’m doing stuff right in the lack of a mentor(someone that I know that can teach me stuff). That is why I call this blog for “IndividualWeb” because there are a huge amout of individuals trying to do great stuff with programming on the web not knowing if they are doing it right. Just like me. I’ve tried. I’ve failed. I’ve learned. Lets have fun together.

At school I learnt Java, but kind of hated it when we got into JEE stuff. This is experience I use when I go into the world of my favourite language, PHP. Now I think that I’m a better PHP programmer than Java programmer, and I’m planning to advance. Languages I’m going to write about is PHP, JavaScript, HTML and CSS. I’ll propbably blog about some design as well, because every programmer has to do some of it – and I want to do it good.


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